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Maintaining a healthy lawn will do wonders to improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Make a great impression on guests and neighbors alike with the full-service lawn care available at GrassMan Lawn Care Inc! Prevent soil erosion, overgrowth and potential damage to your property with the help of our professionals. We have a combined experience of 88 years serving Waterloo, Columbia, Red Bud, Valmeyer, Millstadt, Smithton, St. Louis, Dupo, Chester and Maeystown counties, and we work hard to maintain our excellent reputation in the area.

Soil Aeration & Seeding

Soil compaction is caused by a variety of factors, but it almost always hurts the growth of your lawn, and impedes proper drainage. You can dramatically improve the penetration of air, water and nutrients into your soil through aeration, which is the act of punching many small holes into it and breaking up the soil density. Roots will grow quicker and deeper into aerated soil, allowing your lawn to flourish.

Seasonal Fertilization

Your lawn goes through a specific lifecycle each year, with each stage requiring different nutrients to foster optimal growth. Those three nutrients are a combination of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium proportioned specifically for the time of year. Finding the right balance and avoiding burning out your lawn or stifling growth is a job best left to the experienced pros at GrassMan Lawn Care Inc.

Premium Lawn Care Program

GrassMan Lawn Care Inc has the equipment and knowledge needed to transform your overgrown or dull yard into a beautiful landscape. The GrassMan 5-step treatment program has proven to be very effective in caring for your lawn.

1. Early Spring Application

  • Important pre-emergent application to ensure early green up and a healthy start
  • PLUS crabgrass and broadleaf weed control

2. Late Spring Application

  • Important application of fertilizer
  • Additional crabgrass preventer
  • PLUS broadleaf weed control for dandelions, plantain, buckhorn, and many other summer annual weeds

3. Summer Application

  • Application of insecticide to control grubs, sod webworms, cut worms, chinch bugs and other insects
    • Your grub control is included
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4. Fall Application

  • Heavy application of fertilizer to thicken existing grass to ensure beautiful fall color
  • Includes broadleaf weed control for fall germinating weeds
  • Also includes micro-nutrients and root builder

5. Winter Conditioner Application

  • This application helps grass stay green longer and builds strong roots
  • Promotes rhizoming which makes a thicker and more developed turf
$ave some green - we offer a 5% prepay discount
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